Ruby Rose Barrameda murdered, stuffed in a drum: court junks cases against suspects


The family of Ruby Rose Barrameda, the woman who was found murdered and stuffed inside a cemented drum submerged in Navotas port waters in 2007, cries for justice after Malabon court dismissed the parricide and murder cases against the suspects behind her brutal death.

Malabon Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 170 Judge Edwin Larida dismissed the parricide case against Barrameda’s husband, Manuel Jimenez on August 15, 2019, for lack of probable cause.


On July 10, 2019, the murder case against her father-in-law, the lawyer Manuel Jimenez, Jr. and two other suspects Lennard “Spyke” Descalso and Norberto Ponce were also dismissed by the same court due to failure to establish their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Barrameda family now wants Judge Larida to inhibit the case.

Ruby Rose Barameda’s family also questioned the loss of witness in the case of Manuel Montero.


According to Rochelle, Montero suddenly disappeared without the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) informing them.

They suspected Montero might have been released and someone gave money to free the witness.

Ruby Rose’s father, Roberto Barrameda, appealed to Montero to return and meet with them.

At the same time, Roberto Barrameda also asked President Rodrigo Duterte to assist them in reopening the case.

Ruby Rose Barrameda murdered in 2007 and found inside a cemented drum in 2009

Ruby Rose Barrameda found inside steel drum
Ruby Rose Barrameda found inside a steel drum under Navotas waters in 2009. (Image from PressReader)

Ruby Rose was a sister of a beauty queen and celebrity Rochelle Barrameda. Ruby Rose was last seen on March 14, 2007, when she visited her children at the house of his husband’s family.

After two years of search, Ruby Rose’s body was recovered under the waters of Navotas Port when accused-turned-witness Manuel Montero testified and led the authorities to the area where they dumped Ruby Rose.

Police found Ruby Rose inside a steel drum filled with cement. Authorities used her dental records to identify her.

Montero pointed Barrameda’s husband Manuel III, her father-in-law Manuel Jr., her uncle-in-law Lope Jimenez as masterminds of the crime.

Montero said they abducted Ruby Rose from the Jimenez’s residence. Security officer Descalso then strangled her to death, placed her inside a steel drum, and filled it with cement.

They put the steel drum in a steel casing, filled it with cement, and dumped it into Navotas sea.

However, Montero disappeared on March 2013 while in police custody.