Learn A New Language At Home With The Rosetta Stone App

Learning a new language can help you communicate with millions of people, the Rosetta Stone app can help you from home. Learning an alien language requires time and a colossal amount of dedication.

In a world with over 7 billion people, there are roughly over 6500 languages, and being well-versed in at least a couple of them will help in life hugely. It is reckoned that it’s much easier for children to a foreign language. However, we all know its’ better late than never.

And this is made more convenient with the advancement in the field of technology. You can now be a proud multi-linguist by using applications anytime and anywhere. One such application is Rosetta Stone which will help you in your new language venture.

Learn A New Language At Home With The Rosetta Stone App

What Is The Rosetta Stone App?

Rosetta Stone is a computer-based language learning app initially released by Rosetta Stone Inc in 1992. Most importantly, the application offers you 24 different foreign languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, English, German, Spanish and others.

Moreover, Rosetta Stone’s method of learning a new language is formal and modern. With a variety of speaking-focused lessons and features, Rosetta Stone is probably one of the best ways to a new language on your device.

When you sign up on the application, the program lets you choose the language you want to learn. You can also set your goal for learning. This application is available on Amazon Kindle, Android devices and platforms.

How Does This App Work?

Rosetta Stone is one of the oldest language learning tools in the market which a Dynamic Immersion Approach to learning. It introduces language skills in a way that stimulates your brain’s natural language learning ability.

The learning process gradually accelerates from sights & sounds to words. And then it progresses to sentences and finally to conversations. The program leads you through a perfectly designed structure. It helps you build the language structure step-by-step.

Additionally, it helps you the new language from the very beginning in the same way you learned your first language. Above all, the application works on all of your language skills namely, listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Why Rosetta Stone App?

From lesson one, the language you are learning is the only one you will hear and use in the application. Therefore, it is more effective than the rest of the tools that are available in the market. Also, the platform provides robust and flexible solutions for any business’s language learning needs.

The application is the sole language learning program that is also helping people to improve their accent. To be specific, it analyzes the specific pronunciations through its TruAccent. It is a patented speech-recognition engine. As a result, the users will build their confidence in knowing the right pronunciation.

Learn More with the Extended Highlight Features

Besides the basic learning process, the program offers you an Extended  Highlight Feature. This characteristic includes phrasebooks, stories, audio companions, games, and activities to buff up your language skills.

With this feature, you can practice speaking by reading aloud along with the native speakers and fellow learners as well. You can even play games and perform activities that are entirely designed to exercise the language skills.

Learn A New Language At Home With The Rosetta Stone App

Subscription Options for Rosetta Stone

If you want to access lessons on the go, you can plan the subscription packages. Rosetta Stone has a variety of subscription options. After opting for a subscription plan, you can access all levels of any selected language for the duration of the plan.

The application offers a 3-month plan, 12-month plan, 24-month plan that costs you $36, $179, and $249 respectively. You can even select a lifetime subscription option at just $299 which gives you access to the most recent version of a full language course. 

Rosetta Stone paves way for you to become fluent in a new language. Its unique immersive teaching method helps you to learn the ropes of an alien language very easily. So Guten Tag, Bonjour, and Merhaba to all of you real soon.