Roque says he will only run in 2022 elections under Sara Duterte

Presidential spokesperson Harry he would only run in 2022 elections under Davao City .

Roque told ANC said he would only run for Senate if Sara Duterte runs for president next year.

“I would run with the administration, but I think I will only run if Mayor Inday Sara will run for the position of president,” Roque said.

The Palace official explained that he is affiliated with the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s political group, People’s Reform Party (PRP), allied with Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP) led by Sara Duterte.

“I think as a card-bearing member of the PRP, the party of Miriam Defensor-Santiago, it is Inday Sara, I believe, who has the same qualities as Miriam Defensor-Santiago to become president. I am one of those who are praying that will, in fact, seek the presidency,” he said.

Meanwhile, Roque said he disagrees with President Duterte’s statement that Sara should not run for president because she is a woman.

Roque says he will only run in 2022 elections under Sara Duterte

“I don’t agree with that,” Roque said.

“I think the President merely emphasized that given the hardships of being President, he doesn’t wish it to his family, which is understandable coming from a good father,” he said.

“But I think Mayor Sara will eventually make up her mind, and she will have to decide on her own regardless of what her father says,” Roque added.

In April 2019, Roque returned as Presidential spokesperson more than a year after he stepped down and withdrew his senatorial bid last year.

Roque resigned from the position to run as a senator in 2019. However, he withdrew his candidacy a few days before the campaign period started. He revealed he has a heart condition that may affect his campaign.

Roque is a known human rights lawyer who represented victims of the 2009  massacre, the kin of Palawan-based environmental advocate and journalist Gerry Ortega who was gunned down in 2011, and the family of Filipino transgender Jennifer , killed by a U.S. Marine in 2014, among others.

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