Romero says Cayetano ousted, not resigned

1-Pacman party-list Representative Michael Romero said Wednesday that former House Speaker Taguig-Pateros Representative was ousted.

A total of 186 voted Tuesday to ratify the election of Lord Allan Jay Velasco as the new  during the plenary proceedings.

Velasco and his allies held the proceedings at the Batasang Pambansa’s plenary hall after conducting a “session” and electing Velasco yesterday at the Celebrity Complex in Quezon City.

Cayetano filed his “irrevocable resignation” as House speaker through a Facebook Live video just minutes after Lord Allan Jay Velasco was proclaimed as the new House Speaker.

“I would like to refute this statement. 186 elected Lord Allan Velasco as Speaker. He was ousted as Speaker of the House,” Romero said in an ANC interview.

“He did not resign. For what purpose? He was already ousted a day before. These are facts,” Romero added.

Cayetano ousted Romero as deputy speaker amid the speakership row.

“The House is made up of 300 members. You cannot lead with only 20 to 24 exclusive members of the group,” Romero said.

Romero says Cayetano ousted, not resigned

“This is a lesson for leaders who want to be Speaker in the future. Hindi ito barkadahan. The House of Congress is the House of the People,” Romero added.

Meanwhile, in his acceptance speech, Speaker Lord Allan Jay Velasco blamed Cayetano for the “unnecessary turmoil” in the Congress when the latter refused to honor their term-sharing deal brokered by Duterte.

“The interest of our people, especially at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the concomitant crisis it has brought, is being sacrificed at the altar of personal greed and political ambition,” Velasco said.

“Our people cannot wait, and they do not deserve to wait even more because someone’s political plans are now in peril,” the new Speaker added.

After stepping down as House Speaker, Cayetano issued a statement, thanking President Rodrigo Duterte, his colleagues, and the people for trusting him.

“Finally, to my fellow citizens, I ask for your continued vigilance in ensuring that we – your public officers – live up to the oaths we have taken,” he said in a statement.