VP Leni Robredo pays tribute to heroism of frontliners amid pandemic

On National Heroes’ Day, Vice President Leni paid tribute to the of the country for their heroism in fulfilling their duties amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Monday, August 31.

“We honor today the many heroes who struggled, fought, sacrificed for our nation; who spoke truth to power and braved death or persecution; who exhibited courage, and in so doing, helped chart our destiny as a people,” Robredo said in a statement.

“As we face COVID-19 and its terrible effects, the spirit of our heroes lives within each of us, especially those in the frontlines of pandemic response: medical professionals, community leaders, government workers and those from the uniformed services, volunteers, and the common Filipino ready and willing to expand the reach of their compassion,” she added.

Likewise, Robredo said that “heroism goes beyond courage and includes those who love those beyond their immediate circle; expand these circles to go beyond family or friends; care for the community and care for the country.”

“Do this, despite fear and uncertainty. Fight, if necessary; do not shrink from struggle or sacrifice. Be kind and be brave,” Robredo said.

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Leni Robredo pays tribute to heroism of amid pandemic

“May the courage of our heroes continue to inspire us, as we once again face difficult times,” she added.

National Heroes’ Day, a national public holiday in the Philippines, is held on the last Monday of every August to mark the anniversary of the Cry of Pugad Lawin, the beginning of the Philippine Revolution by the Katipunan and its Supremo Andrés Bonifacio in 1896.

President Rodrigo Duterte also lauded the country’s medical who are fighting the spread of COVID-19 in the country and abroad.

“I join the entire nation as we celebrate this year’s National Heroes’ Day. Today we honor not only the valor of our forebears who fought for the motherland’s freedom but also the heroism of those who risk their lives fighting a different kind of enemy,” the President said in a video message shown at the commemoration of National Heroes’ Day at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.