Wife offers cash reward to find killers of Italian murdered in Negros Oriental

A reward has been offered to track down the killers of Andrea Guarnieri.

The wife of an Italian property developer gunned down at his Negros Oriental home has offered a million-peso reward to track down his killers.

As we reported in March, Andrea Guarnieri, aged 49, was watching television with his wife, Cyril, nine-year-old son and two sisters-in-law when two gunmen burst into his house in the town of Dauin.


Mr Guarnieri, a native of Padua, was shot twice in the head and his killers made their escape by motorcycle. He was confirmed dead at a nearby hospital. 

Nothing was stolen during the raid, and police investigators suggested a business dispute may have been a motive.

Speaking after the murder, the victim’s brother, Daniele, said: “My brother was shot dead by two gunshots from two killers. It was an execution. Perhaps the recent purchase of some land had bothered someone. It was not a common crime.” 


However, despite this early line of enquiry, no arrests have yet been made.

Today (Monday, May 20), the family’s lawyer Rafael Orillana announced the reward to help bring the culprits to justice. He said that the bounty would be paid “upon final verification and confirmation by competent authorities”.

In 2014, Mr Guarnieri moved to the Philippines, where he had previously met his wife, with whom he had a son. 

His plan was to make a fresh start as a property developer.

Before his death, Mr Guarnieri had been involved in plans to build a luxury hotel, together with a business partner from his home city in Italy. 

As well as this, he was known locally for providing medical and humanitarian assistance to poverty stricken residents of the town. 

Police investigations are being closely followed by the Italian Embassy in Manila, as well as by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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