Evacuated residents due to ammonia leak at Navotas ice plant to be sent home

Navotas Mayor Toby Tiangco would be sending home the residents who were temporarily evacuated after an at an ice plant in Navotas City.

This is after several gas monitors found that there was no more ammonia leak in the said plant.

“Ayon sa ating City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, humupa na po ang amoy ng ammonia na dulot ng leak sa TP Marcelo Ice Plant and Cold Storage,” said Tiangco.

Up to 61 residents were taken to two hospitals, the mayor said.

This includes the 47-year-old man who died on arrival at Navotas City Hospital.

According to Dr. Maricel Castillo of Navotas City Hospital, the man died of multiple physical injuries, secondary to blast injury.

When he was taken to the , he said, he had no pulse, he was full of scratches on his body, and his lips were also burnt and swollen.

Meanwhile, some other patients who were also rushed to the hospital are still being observed.

They have also been subjected to some tests and are just waiting for the result.

He said about 9 patients complained of shortness of breath, so they were immediately given oxygen.

Evacuated residents due to ammonia leak at Navotas ice plant to be sent home

Others have red eyes due to gas exposure.

Castillo said that when other patients’ condition improves, they can be discharged.

In fact, 12 have been discharged while one has been transferred to the Philippine General Hospital.

The doctor advised other residents with potential exposure to ammonia.

“First aid po si decontamination. Kailangan maghugas, maligo iyong mata pakihilamusan ng malinis na tubig, mag-gargle ng malinis na tubig na inumin, magbihis po at pumunta sa pinakamalapit na ospital para sa assessment,” said Castillo.

The doctor added that inhaling ammonia is dangerous, as it can cause organ failure, brain damage, and prolonged exposure can also cause comatose or .

Apart from Navotas City Hospital, some residents were also taken to Tondo General Hospital and their condition is still being investigated.

The family of Navotas City Mayor Toby Tiangco owns the facility where the ammonia leak came from.