How To Remove People From Photos On Smartphone

Someone closed their eyes in a group picture but you can remove people from photos so you can enjoy your perfect shot. Taking a perfect picture is not always possible, but who said you couldn’t edit a picture to absolute perfection?

Did you know that you can remove objects from a photo without exceptional photo editing skills? All it takes are some handy photo editing apps that make the work ten times easier for you. There are many such apps available for android and iOS smartphones.

Besides editing out people, these apps also help you in eliminating objects out and improving other photo features. Some of them come with useful tools like compressor, trimmer, filters, and clone stamps. Let’s get into some amazing editing apps for smartphones.

How To Remove People From Photos On Smartphone

Which Apps Remove People From Photos?


PixelRetouch removes people from photos as well as other unwanted objects. It could be from a speck of dirt to a stranger stealing your shine. The instantly beautifies your pictures and removes all blemishes automatically.

Moreover, the is also capable of eliminating curved or straight scratches from images. In order to remove an object, you only need to open an image and select the area you wish to remove. The objects magically vanish in the blink of your eye.

Available: The is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Price: Free

Remove Unwanted Objects

This works like a genie when it comes to removing people from photos. Without the hassle of pressing 20+ buttons, the smoothly edits objects out with the swipe of your finger.

Remove anything and everything in the frame that makes your photo less pretty. What all can you get rid of? It can be a lamppost, a trashcan, surface breaks, a person, a stamp, or even a company logo.

Availability: Available on the Android platform.

Price: Free

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe is a popular name when it comes to photo editing apps. The company has launched a free app for smartphones with some basic editing tools. Although a little technical, the app has supreme precision and finishing while removing objects.

All you have to do is choose the healing option and outline the object using a pen pool. The objects disappear magically by adjusting the blending option and opacity of the image. You can also make use of other cool features by Adobe like retouching, contrast, saturation, and many more.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS smartphones

Price: Free


Many consider Pixelmator the best and most affordable alternative to Photoshop. That says a lot about the utility of the app and its features. Pixelmator has a magic Eraser Tool that lets you remove unwanted objects simply by brushing over them.

The app gives you an option to remove the object as well as to clone it. One USP of the app is that it supports images of size up to 100 MP in various formats. You can also blend, merge, insert, and group layers into the image.

Availability: Available on iOS platform for iPhone and iPad.

Price: $4.99


It is a popular photo editing app for quick edits on the go. The editing tools are under four categories viz. Removal, repair, line removal, and clone. The object remover helps you in editing out objects by brushing over the object and tapping “Go.”

Line removal is used for removing fine straight lines like fences, cables, overhead lines, etc. The clone stamp works by copying the object and duplicating it in some other place in the image. All these pro features make the app a value package.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS platforms.

Price: $1.99

How To Remove People From Photos On Smartphone


AirBrush boasts of a 4.9-star rating in the apple store due to its smooth editing features. The app lets you remove an unwanted object or person with the stroke of a finger. Hang in there! Object removal is not all it does; AirBrush also has some dope beauty filters and professional photo effects.

Availability: Available on iOS platform for iPhone and iPad.

Price: Free

How To Remove People From Photos On Smartphone Conclusion

In the old days you were stuck with that bad shot, but now you don’t have to. Pick up on one of these apps and you’re going to have beautiful group pics all the time. Plus when a person is removed they’ll remember to up their photo game the next time. 🙂