Remote Jobs You Can Get with a Degree in Public Health


There are a lot of people who have graduated with a degree in public health. This degree opens up a lot of avenues to them as it deals with anything promoting health.

Because the definition of a Public Health degree is so broad, it can be difficult to figure out what job falls under the purview of this degree. Even more so when you are looking for a remote job.


In order to get the best of both worlds – a job in a field you are passionate about, and the freedom to do that from anywhere in the world – you need to have all the information. So here are a few jobs that utilize this degree that can be done from home.


Public Health Research

A Public health researcher looks into matters of public health. They study health trends of the public along with hazards and environmental risks in order to help other health professionals to do their job more effectively.

Public health researchers analyze data and lab results, which makes it perfect as a remote job. Some of the typical jobs done by a public health researcher are the following.

  • Craft new research procedures
  • Carry out new procedures
  • Research health trends
  • Collaborate with epidemiologists to research infectious disease
  • Research hazards caused by the environment
  • Finding the cause of health risks to the public
  • Figuring out solutions to these issues

Social/Community Service Manager

Social/Community Service Managers help to get their community services and health programs organized. You will be in charge of recruiting and training new team members. 

Social/Community Service Managers will also be responsible for supervising this staff. With modern technology, you can very easily do this job remotely.

Some other tasks that may fall on your plate are below.

  • Funding proposals
  • Preparation of reports

In this position, you can work for both the private sector as well as government agencies. Most positions in this category will only require a bachelor’s degree, but there are a few exceptions that may require a master’s degree.

Health Educator

If you want to help people in any community learn about health and wellness, then choosing to be a health educator might be a good choice

Individuals that take this job help craft and disseminate programs and events that provide training for healthcare professionals.

Through the use of conferencing platforms, social media, and email, a health educator position can easily be done remotely. 

The main thing a remote health educator needs is information and knowledge on the health concerns of the community they are servicing. Besides the degree, you may also need a CHES credential.


Once again, using conferencing platforms and email, a dietician or nutritionist can easily carry out their job remotely. An individual with a public health degree will easily be qualified for this position.

Dietitians/Nutritionists partner with their clients to monitor and evaluate their client’s health. By taking a look at their diet, lifestyle, and exercise routines, a dietician can help tailor a plan suited for the individual that will maximize the client’s health. 

They tend to partner with the individual’s physicians so that they can build a diet and exercise routine. They take into consideration the client’s health history and other issues that can impact the overall health of the individual like food sensitivity.

Dieticians/Nutritionists can also remotely help food services supervise and monitor their day to day operations in regards to health and safety

You can use your public health degree, but most states will require further certification before being able to get started.



There are a lot of people looking to work remotely that think their degree will not get them very far. This is especially true with those with a public health degree. But that fear couldn’t be further from the truth. 

There are a plethora of jobs available that can be done remotely. All you have to do is comb through the many different nine job boards to see that. First, you have to decide what aspect of your degree you want to use, and that will narrow down your choices

If you are looking for more on what jobs you can do remotely with a public health degree, make sure to check out this link.