How to Find Remote Careers in Digital Technology

The tech industry is on the rise, so it is normal that more and more people want to pick up relevant skills and work in their field of choice. 

Nowadays, digital technology comes with abundant job offers, job types, and even duties. 

Let’s have a look at how to find remote jobs in digital technology, their requirements, and other useful information!


Job Types Available and Duties

There are many job types available, especially nowadays. A remote career is great for nomads, or simply people who want to work from the comfort of their home

A remote career in digital technology is now more than a job within a call center, although these exist, too, if it appeals to you. One of the most popular and highest-paid jobs is, of course, in web development. 

The primary duties of a web developer is to create software, applications, and even websites from scratch

Another great option is digital marketing. This is not so different from the traditional career, but it allows you to work from home. 

Some of the main duties in this field include content marketing, SEO (or search engine optimization) knowledge, and even social media managers who are required to create social media content, work with designers, and attract new customers.   

Requirements and Education Needed

In order to obtain a job as a developer, you can work at an entry-level, which requires HTML, JavaScript, and CSS knowledge, among others. 

Senior develops also know PHP, Python, SQL, and other languages common to back-end development. 

In digital marketing, skills are quite varied. For instance, content marketers need to have knowledge regarding writing, editing, and some SEO, too. 

Social media best practices are also recommended. SEO specialists know how to improve a website’s ranking in the search engine (i.e., Google), while social media managers know how to engage and grow social media followers. 

As expected, the required education varies from employer to employer. Generally, entry-level jobs are less demanding when it comes to education, while level might require certifications and diplomas. 

Typical Salaries

Remote work sounds great, and the payment is in tandem with appealing duties, too. 

For instance, an entry-level web developer can earn up to $61,000 per year working on a full-time basis, while an experienced web developer can earn as much as $108,400 per year. 

In digital marketing, the typical salary ranges between $40,000 and $63,000, based on experience and knowledge. 

How To Apply

When you apply for these jobs, make sure you’ve prepared well. Having an outstanding portfolio can help you win projects in no time. Thus, take your time to grow your knowledge as much as possible and start with entry-level jobs.

 Even though they might pay less, they will present a great opportunity for you to develop your knowledge and gain some valuable experience. 

The last point you need to remember before applying for a remote job in digital technology is to polish your cover letter and resume as much as possible. 

While you do not attend a traditional face-to-face interview, a quality cover letter will make you stand out from the crowd and help you obtain the dream job!

When looking for a remote job, it is important to be present on the most popular job boards, such as Glassdoor and Indeed. These can provide plenty of opportunities to work from home in digital technology. 

For instance, Flexjobs comes with no less than over 50 remote job types, including full-time and part-time positions. 

Another great job board that offers plenty of choices is We Work Remotely. This is specialized on work at home jobs ranging from customer service to programming and web .

Lastly, JustRemote is the best place you want to check if you are interested in a job as a marketer, designer, or web developer. 

How to Find Remote Careers in Digital Technology


All in all, remote jobs are quickly spreading, and they come with great benefits for both the employer and employee. 

Finding your dream job, working from home, and acquiring new skills is now easier than ever. 

There are lots of job boards that help you browse through jobs and find the one that you enjoy the most; make sure, however, to be well-prepared and always develop your skills