Release of 3 persons tagged in Dacera’s death won’t weaken case – lawyer

One of the lawyers of Dacera family said the release of the three persons being tagged to the death of flight attendant would not weaken the case.

According to lawyer Jose Ledda III, Makati City Prosecutor’s Office’s decision to release John Pascual dela Serna III, Rommel Galido, and John Paul Halili would allow them to gather and submit more evidence to build their case.

“The decision of the city prosecutor to come up with a resolution for RFI or to release for further investigation the apprehended suspects, one it only shows that unlike the claims of other people here, of other groups rather, that the justice system in the Philippines is still working and it works,” Ledda told ANC.

“When the Office of City Prosecutor came out with that resolution, it does not weaken the case of the family at all. It merely required the team and the members as well to submit further documents to prove before the Office of City Prosecutor that there is probable cause for the crime being charged,” he added.

The lawyer also clarified that the case was not an attack against LGBTQ community members, emphasizing the family only wants justice for Christine.

Release of 3 persons tagged in Dacera’s death won’t weaken case – lawyer

“This is also not a fight against the LGBTQ community, this is rather a struggle of the family to attain justice for the death of the victim,” Ledda said.

He pointed out that sexual orientation is not one of the elements in proving that rape occurred, adding being a homosexual is not a defense for rape.

“One may assert and one may even prove that one may be is a homosexual but that does not discount that rape cannot be committed by a certain individual,” Ledda said.

Earlier, one of the suspects Gregorio De Guzman said that no rape occurred. “To my knowledge, no. I don’t think she was,” he noted.

He said he did not see any “signs of violence” at Christine Dacera’s body, saying her wounds could come from when they lifted her from the bathtub or when they tried to put her in the wheelchair.