How to Use Quickbooks Online for Beginners

If you have developed a small business and you need some help getting things under control, you will love QuickBooks Online for Beginners. 

Nowadays, technology teaches us that we have to quit paper files and to replace them with computer apps. 

With this app, you will be able to create invoices and different projects, depending on what you wish for. Make your life easier by using this app!

How to Use Quickbooks Online for Beginners

Features Of App

This app has a lot of features, such as a sales overview option, which allows you to view your income and to access the sales shortcuts. 

Additionally, you have the basic dashboard, which gives you the opportunity to have an overview of your business’s financial state. The invoicing feature offers you some templates and automation, so you can personalize the font, logo, footer, header, and other options

The newly-added invoicing is a multi-lingual one, that lets you send invoices in 6 different languages. You also can create estimates and convert them into invoices. 

They will be sent via email, and the customers will receive them as PDFs. The clients can view, pay, save, or ask questions about their invoices. 

This app provides a developed contact management system. Using this option, you will save a significant amount of data on your clients. Relevant files can be attached, for instance, contracts of each client. 

Project management allows you to create projects and create invoices for them in order to job advantage. 

Another important feature is expense tracking. With its help, you can import bank statements and classify expenses. The app will make the transactions for you. QuickBooks also has additional features that you will very useful

Who It’s Suited To

The app is suitable for small business owners who want to have an overview of their work. They have the chance to keep their clients’ information very structured, create different projects, or even to manage their money. 

If you need personal or basic business expense tracking, help regarding income taxes, or automatic measure tracking, you should try this app. 

For those who have multiple business companies, it is recommended to purchase different Quickbooks subscriptions for each company. 


Quickbooks Online for Beginners has four different payment plans, depending on your needs. In the following lines, we will present to you all these, along with their benefits and features.

The Simple Start Plan costs $25/month and is available for one person. It includes access to unlimited estimates, invoices and it also provides reports and 650+ integrations. 

The second plan is called Essentials Plan, and its price is $40/month. It has the same options as the first one plus payable accounts and permits access for three users. 

The third one, Plus Plan, costs $70/month and provides class tracking, inventory, project management, and the access of five users. 

The last plan is called Advanced Plan and is the most expensive one, as you have to pay $150 per month. It has a dedicated customer manager, different customer user permissions, five classes of Quickbook training. It can be used by twenty-five users.

These are not the only costs of this app. There are some extra costs for the next options, depending on your objectives and needs.

  •  Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping
  • Tax e-filing
  • Payroll
  • Custom invoice template
  • QuickBooks payments


  • You can use the app easily and has a great number of features
  • Excellent mobile app with over 650 integrations
  • Great tax support
  • It is available in 225 different countries 
  • Customize expenses and bill management 
  • It has a help center and a time tracking option


  • Some plans are quite expensive and incur extra costs, too
  • Different subscriptions for multiple business companies

How To Download And Use It

It is not difficult to use this app. Once you have created an account and chose the payment method, you can start using it. It is available for Windows, Android devices, and iOS



If you are a small business owner, you should try Quickbooks. It offers you a significant number of features that help you manage your entire business. 

You will have the possibility to choose from four types of offers, depending on your needs

So, we recommend you to try this app if you want to organize all the financial aspects of your firm with one easy-to-use app!