Quezon City receives highest award from COA

For the first time in history, the Quezon City government received the highest rating award from the Commission on Audit (COA) in their audit report in 2020.

The ‘unqualified opinion is the highest audit opinion given by the COA to government agency including the local government unit.

Mayor Joy said that such recognition is just proof of her purpose for good governance.

She also thanked the COA and the offices under the local government unit for achieving the highest level of honors amid the ongoing pandemic.

“Ito ang pinakamahalagang rekognis­yon na tinatanggap ng .Ito ang ­aming adhikain at isang magandang simula dahil nakamit natin ito sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon”, added.

COA Resident Auditor of Quezon City Atty Rex Quieta personally handed over the annual audit report to Mayor Belmonte. He said the QC met the standard of the government’s auditing firm.

“This is important because it means that the financial records and financial statements of Quezon City comply with the high standards, rules and regulations,” Atty. Quieta said.

Quezon City receives highest award from COA

Under the Belmonte administration, the QC government has enacted laws enhancing transparency and service.

“Thank you to everyone involved in this achievement, and may this inspire us to sustain the standards of good governance in the city in the next years or so,” said Mayor Belmonte.

Quezon City was founded on October 12, 1939, and was named after its founder, Manuel L. Quezon, the 2nd President of the Philippines. It was intended to replace as the national capital. The city was proclaimed as such in 1948, though many government buildings remained in Manila.

Quezon City held status as the official capital until 1976, when a presidential decree was issued to reinstate and designate as the capital and Metro Manila as the seat of government.

The city has been declared as the ICT Capital of the Philippines, having the highest concentration of IT Parks/Economic Zones and having the biggest contribution in the growth of Business Process Outsourcing-Call Center Industries, IT infrastructure, and educational programs well.

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