Qatari man arrested for threatening to share sex video of ex-girlfriend

Ermita manila 2
Arab National Arrested for Threatening to Upload Sex Video of Ex-Partner in Ermita, Manila –

A man from Qatar has been arrested for allegedly threatening to upload his ex-lover’s sex video onto social media this week.

56-year-old Nasser Mubarak Almarri threatened to upload the video after his ex-girlfriend refused to have sex with him.

Almarri was arrested on Monday in Ermita, Manila – he is a resident of Tower on Pedro Gil Street.

A formal complaint against Almarri said he threatened the woman via text and told her he would upload their sex video if she did not answer his demands.

The victim said her ordeal started when another Filipina brought her to Almarri in Qatar after she had issues regarding her while working in the Middle East last year.

Instead of helping her, the victim said that Almarri raped her and promised to give her a good life. She said: “That is why I acceded his wishes to enter into a relationship.”

The victim told authorities that Almarri followed her after she returned to the Philippines in early 2016.

Almari will be charged under republic act 9262 – grave coercion and grave threats – before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.