Two Philippine carriers among the world’s least punctual airlines

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Air Asia and Cebu Pacific both featured in the bottom ten of the world’s airlines when it comes to punctuality last year.

Philippines AirAsia and Cebu Pacific have both landed on a list of the world’s 10 least punctual airlines.

In its annual Punctuality Report, aviation analysts OAG named the best and worst the airlines and airports for getting you to your destination on time.

Cebu Pacific Air ranked seventh-least punctual, with an On Time Performance (OTP) of 57.6 per cent. ‘On time’ refers to  a flight that arrives or departs no later than 15 minutes from the scheduled time.

Philippines AirAsia, the Malaysian airline’s Philippine subsidiary for low-cost domestic and flights, is ranked ninth, with a 58 per cent OTP.

The ’s flag carrier Philippine Airlines was featured in the neither the top nor the bottom 10.

The world’s 10 least punctual airlines:

10. Xiamen Airlines Company (China) – 58.3 percent

9. Philippines AirAsia Inc. (Philippines) – 58.0 percent

8. Sunwing Airlines Inc. (Canada) – 57.9 percent

7. Cebu Pacific Air (Philippines) – 57.6 percent

6. SATA International-Azores Airlines S.A. (Portugal) – 57.1 percent

5. Indonesia AirAsia X (Indonesia) – 56.8 percent

4. LACSA-Lineas Aereas Costarricenses (Costa Rica) – 54.2 percent

3. Shenzhen Airlines (China) – 53.5 percent

2. AVIOR Airlines (Venezuela) – 53.1 percent

1. Air Inuit (Canada) – 44.6 percent

While the bottom of the list may be dominated by Asian carriers, the is also well represented at the top.

Heading the field was Japan Airlines with an OTP of 85.27 per cent, while second place went to All Nippon Airways, with 83.81 per cent. Also high on the list were Hong Kong Airlines and Singapore’s Jetstar Asia.

Japan also did well in the list of punctual airports. Tokyo Haneda was the most punctual ‘mega airport’, with an OTP of 86.75 per cent. Osaka, meanwhile, was named top “large” airport with an 88.45 per cent OTP.

The worst airports to feature included Bangkok, Dubai, Delhi, Hong Kong and Seoul Incheon, all of which reported an OTP below 71 per cent.