‘Cherry Pie’ wants to ban revealing clothing on Palawan’s beaches

Although not specified in the proposals, the ban would almost certainly cover the ‘mankini’, as modelled here in London. Picture by Peter MacDiarmid.

Tourists wearing revealing clothing such as T-back bikinis, thongs, G-strings and even ‘mankinis’ may soon be banned from beaches in Palawan.

A member of the Provincial Board, who rejoices in the remarkable name of Cherry Pie Acosta, today (Tuesday, March 20) filed a measure to prohibit all visitors — both Filipinos and foreigners — from being “scantily clad” in all beach resorts and “crowded places” in the province.

She said: “They will only be allowed if they are wearing tops to cover those T-backs and other skimpy swimming attires.

“They have to respect our culture. We are different, and when we are in their countries we also respect their culture.”

Ironically, something like a G-string was the traditional mode of dress for many Filipino peoples, such as the Igorrot people for example.

Cherry Pie added that her resolution was related to another, which requests all municipal tourism offices in the province’s 23 towns to prohibit “the conduct of sexual acts along seashore areas”.

“It happened in my place in Barangay Port Barton, where you can interview my drivers who personally saw two couples, a Filipino and a foreigner, doing lewd acts on the beach in one of the resorts,” she said.

“They cannot come here and disrespect the sanctity of our place, and there are residents who can see them which is bad,” she added.

If they need to do anything, it has to be in the privacy of their hotel or resort rooms, not on the beach, she emphasised.

Cherry Pie also said she was in the process of completing an ordinance that would compel the management of resorts and to warn guests against revealing beach wear and the performance of lewd acts on beaches.

“I am filing an ordinance soon about this to penalise resorts and individuals,” she said.