Probe into death of PNPA cadet Karl Magsayo continues

The Special Task Group Magsayo is still investigating the of PNPA Cadet Third Class Karl Magsayo after being punched five times in the stomach by his upperclassman Cadet 2nd Class Caesar Steve Maingat.

In a telephone interview with ABS-CBN News with the chief of the PNPA Public Information Office, Police Lieutenant Colonel Louie Gonzaga, at around 5:40 pm on Thursday when the victim was late for latrine or shower time, the suspect told him.

After answering in the shower room, the suspect allegedly reported Karl Magsayo to their dormitory room, where the two met again. According to cadet witnesses, the suspect punched the victim five times in the abdomen so that he lost consciousness.

“Nagkaroon ng parang discussion yung victim, Cadet Magsayo and yung suspect si Cadet Maingat inside the shower room of the dormitory area,” said Gonzaga.

“Later on, he was advised to report doon sa room nung suspect, ni Cadet 2nd Class Maingat. They had confrontation and then during the confrontation as accounted by the witness, nasuntok sa may abdominal area yung victim five times which made him unconscious,” he added.

Karl Magsayo lost consciousness, so the classmates immediately called paramedics. Magsayo was run away but declared dead when he arrived at the hospital.

According to Gonzaga, they are still waiting for the results of the autopsy on Magsayo’s body.

Probe into of PNPA cadet Karl Magsayo continues

Cadet Maingat is Cadet Karl Magsayo’s direct upperclassman and is part of the training of cadets to mentor or support their lowerclassman in the Academy.

“He is the direct upperclassman, and they belong to the same dormitory area, so definitely mentoring po ang role ng ating mga direct upperclassman even yung first class men,” said Gonzaga.

“There are certain provisions doon sa Anti Hazing Act of 1995 na kapag ginamit mo yung superiority of your position as a senior over your subordinate or junior, that could constitute hazing pag nag inflict ka ng physical harm on your junior, but we leave that to the fiscal,” he added.

According to Gonzaga, PNPA’s programs are aggressive to prevent hazing in the Academy, such as regular symposiums, regular inspections, and spot inspections to see if the cadets have hazing paraphernalia. There are also CCTVs installed in the PNPA to monitor the movements of the cadets better. It has been a long time since there has been a similar issue with the PNPA.

The criminal and administrative case against Maingat is being prepared.

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