Private sector plans to get Novavax vaccines

The private sector plans to get coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine from , a vaccine developer from India for companies wishing to pursue agreements with government and pharmaceutical firms.

Presidential Adviser on Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion has confirmed that they are in talks with Novavax for private companies that have not been able to keep up with the first 2 orders for AstraZeneca, but there is no final agreement yet.

Because the price of Novavax is higher than AstraZeneca, Concepcion will ask if they can stop donating the vaccines they get to the government.

“Moving forward, even Novavax, the private sector will not be needing anymore, required, to donate. Anyway, you know the government already saved money by not paying for our employees,” said Concepcion.

It will be recalled that in previous agreements with AstraZeneca, half of the vaccines were planned to be given to the government as donations.

Faberco Life Sciences is Novavax’s partner in the Philippines. They ensure that the price of the vaccine will be affordable.

“The price is going to be very reasonable. I could assure you that it will be very favorable to the government,” said Dr. Luningning Villa, medical director of Faberco Life Sciences.

Private sector plans to get Novavax vaccines

If the agreement between Novavax continues, the vaccine will come in the 3rd quarter of the year.

Concepcion also requested that if possible, private companies themselves should implement their own vaccination process.

Concepcion also said that many companies have doctors and nurses who can make a vaccination plan for their workers.

“Organized na kami eh, we’ve been doing testing for the longest time dito sa antigen, rapid, [tests] all organized, may mga cubicles kami so we’re willing to put all those up. If there is a need to get a factory na 5,000 ang capacity. Mas maganda kaysa dalhin natin ‘yan sa isang center o ospital,” said Concepcion.

It is not yet clear whether their order will be turned over to the private sector or whether private workers will go to the government facility to get vaccinated.


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