Private island in Palawan can be yours for only $100,000 per night!

private island

A private island in Palawan has opened its doors to paying guests — just so long as they can afford to pay $100,000 per night!

But to be fair to Banwa Private Island, it is a solid 15 acres of paradise on earth.

The resort’s website describes it as “a private world where time stands still” amid an idyllic part of the Philippines widely regarded as a “last ecological frontier”.

The island — officially known as Puerco Island — has six beachfront villas that each come with a private infinity pool, hot tub deck and floor-to-ceiling windows to admire the views across the Sea.

private island

There is also a fully staffed restaurant serving fine food, including freshly caught seafood and home-grown fruit and vegetables. The island even produces its own honey.

The wine list has bottles costing as much as $36,000 — but these rare vintages are not included in the nightly rate.

There is also a spa that offers unlimited treatments at no extra cost.

As well as being pampered, guests can enjoy scuba-diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, catamaran sailing, and tennis.

Although lacking space for an 18-hole golf course, the island features a jetty where guests can attempt to drive balls made of fish to a floating target out at sea.

For those interested in the natural world, the resort has a resident animal expert who can share their knowledge about creatures such as sea turtles and tabon birds.

private island

To reach the island from Manila, guests can either charter a nine-seater seaplane for $990 or a five-seater helicopter for $11,580. Unlike many of the perks of the $100,000 fee, these costs are extra. 

Despite this eye-watering cost, the developers of the island that it can accommodate 48 people at a time, which brings the cost down to $2,083 per head, per night. However, there is a minimum stay of three to five nights, depending on the time of year.

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