Prince Charles says radicalisation of young British muslims is alarming

Prince Charles Say Young British Islamic Radicalization Turning Alarming [VIDEO] –
In a staunch defense of Britain’s Christian ideals, Prince Charles said Muslims living in the must follow British values.

“The radicalisation of people in Britain is a great worry, and the extent to which this is happening is alarming, particularly in a country like ours where we hold our values dear.

“You would think the people who have come here, or are born here, and go to school here, would abide by those values and outlooks. It is ‘frightening’ that young British Muslims are radicalised by ‘crazy stuff on the Internet’,” Charles said in an interview with BBC Radio 2’s Sunday Hour.

Charles, who intends to use his current Middle East tour to call for a halt to the persecution of Christians by Islamic State and other militant Islamic groups, said: “If nothing is done, the time could soon come when there are no Christians left in the Middle East… they are intimidated to a degree you can’t believe. The tragedy is even greater because Christians have been in the Middle East for 2,000 years, before Islam came in the 8th Century”.

His tough stance on Islamic extremism was reinforced when he told the new Saudi King to show clemency to Saudi blogger Raif Al-Badawi sentenced to 1,000 lashes and ten years in for insulting Islam and disobeying his father.

He also hit out at the “brutal misinterpretation of Islam” after arriving in Jordan. “I do not need to tell you the horrors inflicted in the name of religion. All those who have any feeling have watched in agony as people have been tortured and killed in the most barbaric way”.