Prime suspect in Samal Island kidnapping arrested for previous crimes

Samal Abduction Group
Suspect in Samal Island Kidnapping Arrested For Murder and Kidnapping in Another Case –

The man identified as Bandajar Dangin Adona, also known as “Banon” was arrested on Sunday in Tibungco, Davao City but not for the Samal kidnapping of September 21.

Adona’s involvement in the Samal Island scheme has yet to be established, however his original arrest involved a warrant issued in Compostela Valley.


This was for the kidnapping of Amil Donaire Hipolan and two others in May 2015 at KingKing Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province. 

Adona is also wanted for murder and is believed to be a member of the notorious “Venacio Malaydan-Jikiri Gulam Cristobal Kidnapping Group.”

When Adona was arrested he reportedly had the cell phone of the Japanese woman who was involved, but not taken from the kidnapping scene at Oceanview Marina in Samal Island. 


Adona was also arrested with another accomplice linked to the Samal Island kidnapping – Tirso Orquisa Lugnasin.

The original raid on Adona and his accomplice netted a .45 calibre pistol, a .38 revolver pistol, ammunition and several fragmentation grenades.

Additional charges and pending charges of involvement in the Samal kidnapping attempt will be posted against them.

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