Speaking at ‘peace and order’ meeting, Duterte says priests should be shot

President Duterte shows a ‘matrix’ detailing the alleged relationships of a priest who had been murdered at today’s ‘peace and order’ meeting. Malacañang photo.

President Duterte has again said that priests should be shot — while speaking at the National Peace and Order Council meeting.

During a speech at the event in Davao City today (Thursday, March 14), he said: “You sons of bitches, you priests, you should be shot. You sons of bitches, you all should die, I don’t care.


“I don’t care if you all die, our cemeteries are still spacious. Sons of bitches, making me feel guilty about my – you started it.”

Previously the president has spoken of being sexually abused by an American priest as a schoolboy, and has lambasted God for being a “stupid son-of-a-bitch”.

Today, he again spoke of sexual crimes by clergymen, including a supposed case when a priest “fingered” a girl. He also recalled the sexual harassment of nuns by priests, one of the issues raised during a recent summit called by Pope Francis.


The president also suggested that even the Pope should not be above suspicion for sexual misdeeds. “Maybe the Pope is also hiding something,” he said.

He then went on to attack the intelligence of priests, describing their IQs as “deficient”.

After this, he turned his ire on Catholics in general, telling them to “shut up” about his war on illegal drugs.

“You Catholics better slow down. Better shut up or else. Extrajudicial killing? Prove it. But killing? Yes, destroy my country and I will kill you,” he said.

The president’s verbal onslaught against clergymen and Catholics came as he prepared to read out his latest “narco list” of politicians allegedly involved in the drug trade. 

His audience was made up of police, military and local government officials.

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