Prices of pork, chicken increase in some Metro Manila markets

The price of pork and chicken has risen in some markets in Metro Manila, which, according to those in the industry, is due to growing demand due to the gradual opening of the economy.

Here is the price of chicken in some markets:

• Pasig Public Market
November 22: P150 to P160 per kilo
November 15: P140 to P150 per kilo

• Muñoz Market
November 22: P170 per kilo
November 15: P150 per kilo

• Litex Market
November 22: P160 to P180 per kilo
November 15: P140 to P160 per kilo

According to the sellers, their sales have slumped due to high prices.

From 500 kilos, only 300 kilos are sold per day.

“Ang hirap magtinda ‘pag mahal ‘yong manok dahil inaalisan lang kami ng mga customer,” said vendor Jocelyn Olithao.

The United Broiler Raisers Association (UBRA) explained that the price hike was triggered by high demand after the economy opened.
The group is also said to be careful, especially since the production cost is expensive and there are many imported chickens.

Prices of pork, chicken increase in some Metro markets

Meanwhile, here is the price of pork in some markets:

• Mega Q Mart

– Kasim

November 22: P330 to P340 per kilo
November 15: P350 to P360 per kilo

– Liempo
November 22: P360 to P370 per kilo
November 15: P400 to P420 per kilo

• Pasig Public Market

– Kasim
November 22: P320 to P330 per kilo
November 15: P320 to P340 per kilo

– Liempo
November 22: P340 to P350 per kilo
November 15: P360 to P4380 per kilo

Agriculture Assistant Secretary Noel Reyes advised consumers to buy cheaper foods that are sources of protein.

He said it would be cheaper if you buy insignificant or significant markets.

According to Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association President Steven Cua, supermarkets and their suppliers and distributors are preparing Christmas promotions or discounts.

He also said that many people are already ordering Christmas baskets.

Aside from the promo, consumers are also looking forward to the Noche Buena guide released by the Department of Trade and Industry, where you can see the brands of Noche Buena items that have raised or maintained prices this year.

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