Presumptive President Duterte offers cabinet positions to Communists

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President Duterte Offers Rebel Leaders Positions in His Cabinet –

Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte gave the green light to leaders of the NPA group by offering four positions in his if they would be willing to join his government.

In a press conference in his home city, Duterte told the media that he is open to giving up four departments to the Communist Part of the Philippines. Those departments are as follows:

  • The Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • The Department of Labor and Employment
  • The Department of Agrarian Reform
  • The Department of Social Welfare and Development

Others are worried that the founder of CPP, Jose Maria Sison, may take advantage of the situation at hand, others are saying that Duterte is in fact an appeaser of the NPA and will attempt to resume peace talks while giving heavy concessions for doing so.

Sison has been in exile in the Netherlands for almost 30 years – Duterte has offered a free pass home as long as he takes his options under his administration.

Sources say that Duterte and Sison spoke to one another a few days before the elections, cementing his win to the presidential office.

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