President Aquino urged to declare martial law in Mindanao

martial law
PNoy Urged to Declare MARTIAL LAW in Mindanao –

The Guardians Brotherhood Incorporated issued a statement urging President Benigno III to declare a temporary state of in Maguindanao Province, Mindanao.

Lawyer Joel Obar, BGI’s national president asked the president to instill martial law to help them strictly enforce a gun ban in the regions of Maguindanao and asked Congress to authorize him to declare in the region.

The GBI official said the proposal, espoused by Makabayan and the National Council of the Clergy, to put up a multi-sectoral council to take over the help of government has no constitutional basis.

The best thing to do now is to urge to make firm decisions because he is the only one who can correct now the things that were wrongly done or institute remedial measures to avoid a repeat of the Maguindanao incident, he said.