Pornhub users last longest in the Philippines… and are most likely to be female


The Philippines has again beaten off some stiff competition to be named as the longest-lasting users of the adult website Pornhub.

On average, a Filipino visitor to the site lasts 13 minutes and 50 seconds. This compares to a global average of 10m 37s.


However, it is not just men visiting Pornhub. Filipinas are more likely to visit the site than women from any other country — 38 per cent of Philippine users in 2018 were ladies. The global average was 29 per cent.

Perhaps in a blow to masculine pride, women are most likely to search for ‘lesbian’ porn. They are also 281 per cent more likely to opt for ‘p***y licking’ than men.

pornhub review


Last year’s review told a similar story. Philippine users were the longest lasting — but slightly less so at 13m 28s per visit — and women were the most eager consumers, making up a lower proportion at 36 per cent.

Pornhub Year in Review

The statistics have been published by the website this week as part of its 2018 Year in Review. The findings are based on more than 33.5 billion visits to the site — up five billion on last year. 

As of this month, visits to the site now top 100 million per day. This is equivalent to the entire population of the Philippines. 

The country is also at the head of this growth, having jumped three places in the ‘Top 20 Countries by Traffic’ to become the tenth biggest user of the site in the world.

However, those with concerns about the corruption of young minds can take heart. The Philippines has the lowest percentage of users aged 18-24 within the top 20. Only 11 per cent of users fall into this age bracket. The global average is 26 per cent. 

Indeed, the average age of Filipino Pornhub users is the highest in the world, at 40 years old. The global average is 35.

The Philippines is also leading a growing worldwide trend to view pornography via phones. At 86 per cent of views, this is the second highest proportion, behind India at 90 per cent.  

Philippines in focus…

Pornhub review

‘Pinay’ remained the most searched term in the country for the third year, with no changes to the other top-six searches — namely: Hentai; Pinoy; Japanese; Korean and Pinoy Jakol. 

‘Japanese wife’ climbed by 12 spots to become the eighth most searched term of 2018. Searches for ‘Japanese’ grew by 88 per cent, along with an 81 per cent increase in ‘anime hentai uncensored’.

Pornstar Maria Ozawa remains the most popular in the Philippines for the third year. The Canadian-Japanese actress currently lives in Manila. She has been romantically linked with Filipino celebrity chef Jose Sarasola.

Some global trends

Global trends included a 10 per drop in traffic during the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

The most searched pornstar this year was Stormy Daniels — up 671 places in the rankings on last year. However, in terms of viewings, she is still trumped by last year’s most sought-out actress, Riley Reid. She was watched more than 363 million times, against nearly 85 million for Ms Daniels.

The most searched terms globally were lesbian, hentai, milf, step mom and Japanese. Some unique national exceptions included Spain, where ‘mature’ heads the table, and Bangladesh, where an overwhelmingly male audience search for ‘big dick’.

The nine countries above the Philippines in the top 10 (and their favourite searches) were: USA (milf), UK (lesbian), India (Indian), Japan (Japanese), Canada (milf), France (francais), Germany (German), Italy (amatoriale italiano) and Australia (lesbian).

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