Sisters are doing it for themselves: Filipinas lead world in use of Pornhub

Filipinas top the table of female users of Pornhub, while the country as a whole spends the longest time per visit.

More than a third of Filipinos who log on to Pornhub are women — the highest proportion of female users in the world.

The pornography giant’s fifth Year in Review revealed that 36 per cent of visits to the site were made by women. This compares to 25 per cent in the USA and 24 per cent in the UK.


It was also revealed that as a whole, Filipinos spend the longest time on the site per visit, an average of 13 minutes and 28 seconds. Whether this is due to sexual stamina or poor internet connection is unclear.

Dr Lauri Betito, sex therapist and director of the ‘Pornhub Sexual Wellness Centre’ said the high proportion of Filipinas using the site was part of a global trend.

“2017 seems to have been the year where women have come forward to express their desires more openly,” she said.


“From the “Me too” movement to prominent females the likes of Hillary Clinton and Nikki Haley on the world stage, women are feeling more empowered and they have found their voice. This is a sign of things to come.”

Perhaps in a blow to masculine pride, both in the Philippines and globally, women are most likely to search for lesbian pornography.

Dr Betito said: “For women that have a soft fantasy or curiosity, lesbian porn allows them to explore that part of their sexuality without risk. Of course, for bi or lesbian women, this category is an obvious choice.”

The country made it into the top 20 overall users, and showed a particular interest in Asian pornography.

Since last year’s report, the average time spent per visit increased by by 23 seconds, making the average visit nine minutes and 59 seconds — three-and-a-half minutes less than the average Filipino.

The nation’s most popular porn star is Japan’s Maria Ozawa, who this year was romantically linked with Filipino chef Jose Sarasola.

Top searches were ‘pinay’, ‘hentai’ and ‘pinoy’, with ‘Japenese’, ‘Korean’ and ‘step sister’ also making the top 10. However, rising quickly is ‘cheerleader’, which saw an 890 per cent growth in searches last year.

Nationally, the biggest user of the site is the USA, followed by the UK, India and Japan. The Philippines comes in at 13th.

Throughout 2017, Pornhub catered to an incredible 28.5 billion visitors. They made 24.7 billion searches — which translates to about 800 per second.

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