POLO focuses on hate crime cases against Filipinos in US

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Washington D.C. in the United States continues to focus on the recorded cases against Filipinos in that country.

At the DOLE virtual forum, Labor Attache Angela Librado-Trinidad confirmed that there are recorded cases against Filipinos in Washington D.C.

According to Trinidad, POLO recorded insult and some physical injuries, although there are unconfirmed cases of against families.

“This has been highlighted because of the COVID, ‘yung Asian hate crime… this has been ongoing even before. May mga cases tayo na nare-receive sa different foreign posts sa L.A., sa New York, at dito sa Washington. Siyempre isa sa target doon yung ating mga medical professionals,” said Trinidad.

He said they continue to engage with stakeholders to strengthen the campaign against discrimination.

“Nakikipagtulungan tayo sa iba’t-ibang ahensiya through our Philippine Embassy. Barely two months ago, we had a meeting with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission at doon nagtipon-tipon yung iba’t-ibang Asian representatives including our government represented by Philippine Embassy and us to discuss how will we be able to address this issue of Asian hate crimes,” said Trinidad.

POLO focuses on cases against Filipinos in US

On the records of POLO-Washington D.C., there are no more than 100 reported Asian-related hate crimes in their jurisdiction, but the actual number of discrimination maybe even higher.

“Ang nakita nating data, medyo significantly medyo senior at mga nasa medical professionals yung tinitira kasi sila din yung usual na nakikitang nasa labas because of their and because of their functions,” said Trinidad.

He also said that there was an incident where Filipinos were suddenly attacked by other races while walking.

He also said that Filipinos have their own precautions when leaving the community.

It will be recalled that the increasing number of discrimination in America against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders or what you call AAPI.

Activists also linked it to former US President Donald Trump’s alleged rhetoric against Asians in the face of the spread of COVID-19, dubbed Trump’s “Chinese virus.”

There have also been several protests condemning it.

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