Polish refuses to leave Manila airport clinic with nowhere else to go


NAIA nurse
Polish National Refuses to Leave NAIA Clinic With Nowhere Else to Go – Image by PhilStar.com – www.philippineslifestyle.com

A Polish man refuses to leave a Ninoy Aquino International Airport clinic where he has been staying since last Monday.

41-year old Tomasz Chalot Stanislaw arrived at the airport last Monday from Butuan City where he spent a four month stint with his Filipina girlfriend.


Stainslaw told officials that he hailed a taxi to bring him to a hotel where he could stay until it was time for his return flight back to Poland – but as Stainslaw exited the taxi, the driver sped away with his luggage in the trunk.

Left with only his passport in his hand, and no money, Stanislaw said he roamed the halls of NAIA Terminal #1 and #2 to find someone who could help him.

He told airport officials that he slept in the comfort room in Terminal #1 and spent most of the day finding food, etc.


Stainislaw said he went to Butuan to propose to his long-time girlfriend, who he identified by only her first name of Monalisa.

“I promised her that I would be back in a couple of months to prepare everything in Poland, as I planned to bring her there,” he said.

Airport attendants found the foreigners sleeping in NAIA bathrooms, they gave him biscuits and bottled water.

The same attendants brought Stanislaw to the clinic after he complained of chills.

Officials cared for the foreigner even though they believe he had the chills due to taking some over the counter medications – he is currently complaining about not being able to life his left leg, keeping him in the clinic till further notice.
But officials now note that Stainslaw had contacted Poland’s honorary consulate in Manila after he missed his flight back to Poland on China Airlines – now China Airlines refuses to rebook his flight.
The clinic nurses now say that Stainslaw is making excuses to stay in the clinic until officials or the airline approves his request for rebooking.
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