Police to ride buses in Iloilo Province after rash of onboard robberies

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Police To Ride Onboard Buses in Iloilo Province After Rash Of Bus Robberies – www.philippineslifestyle.com

Iloilo police are putting officers onboard buses travelling through the region in an effort to stop a rash of bus robberies.

Police have been deployed in buses in the region for a week. Since February robbers have hit several bus lines including one just last week that managed to bag 90,000 pesos from passengers onboard a Ceres bus line. Those passengers were travelling to Boracasy Island. In the incident one robber tried to shoot a passenger but the bullet went through the roof of the bus instead.


Police said the robbers would strike once the buses left Iloilo City and well on their way through towns like Dingle, Pototan and Zarranga in the province of Iloilo.

“We need to make sure the riding public feels safe,” police said.