Police officer hit, killed traffic enforcer responding to road accident


An SUV driven by a police officer hit and killed a on-duty and was responding in a in Davao City, Thursday afternoon (December 12).

The victim was identified as Rey Sison, who was hit by a speeding sports utility vehicle (SUV).


Investigation showed the victim was standing in the middle of a bypass road in Barangay Maa while talking to those involved in an accident. Then an SUV suddenly hit him. The collision’s force threw Sison to the van of one accident victims he was investigating on.

The police officer who hit and killed the traffic enforcer has been charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide.

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Man arrested for stealing church donations

Authorities arrested a man for allegedly stealing church donations in Kalibo, Aklan, Thursday.

It was Tuesday night when Luther Ortega entered the adoration room and stole the money from the donation box.

According to the police, Ortega returned to the church the next day to probably steal again, but the authorities arrested him there.

More than P4,000 church donations were recovered from the suspect, and the case against him is being prepared. Ortega has yet to comment on his arrest.