Police make it easier to get a gun permit in the Philippines

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PNP Makes Gun Permits Easier – www.philippineslifestyle.com

The Philippine National Police has reduced the amount of requirements needed to for a gun permit within the country.

The easier process will reduced the number of requirements needed, essentially streamlining the application process.

Prior commitments to owning a gun took 10 requirements – today those requirements will be reduced to just four:

  • A neuro-psychiatric screening
  • A drug
  • Police clearance
  • RTC/MTC Clearance (also known as an NBI clearance)

PNP Director General, said “As we are streamlining the processes, we are further automating our system so that [applicants] need not queue anymore. As President Duterte said, he does not want people falling in line for a service.”

Dela Rose added that the PNP will begin issuing “a commitment slip” to applicants when the apply, that slip will give a precise number of days it will take to process the application.