Police district investigated for links with drug trade

Large Percentage of NPD Police Keep Drug Syndicates Going by Keeping Confiscated Drugs, Filing Fake Reports – www.philippineslifestyle.com

In a statement by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the agency said that a large number of Northern Police District (NPD) police officers keep illegal drugs confiscated from pushers and accept protection money from drug syndicates.

The statement went so far as to say that many of the police are conducting ‘illegal raids’ and ‘doctor’ police reports to hide the amount of drugs they seize.


Officers from NPD are also accused of what Filipinos call “pamamangketa,” or planting evidence and extorting money from people they arrest or attempt to arrest.

Police say they are monitoring some of the officers who are reportedly accepting retainers from drug lords in area operations.

Officials say that so far reshuffling the officers on a regular basis has not produced any significant affect in the illegal drug problem.


This year alone over 30 unsolved murders have been drug related – including one where the arrest of a Caloocan police officer created a high speed chase – he later was fingered as being a drug pusher in the city.

So far, five police officers under the Caloocan Police’s Anti-Drug Unit have been charged by the National Bureau of Investigation for arresting and extorting money from two women at the Light Rail Transit station two months prior.

Several other police officers were part of a drug raid in Baguio City, but brought back to Caloocan for gun shot wounds they sustained in the raid – one of the officers was also part of the LRT extortion case.

Officials admitted that nothing has changed, and the same problems persist throughout Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela City regions because the police are involved in the drug trade issue, or they are paid not to solve the crimes – essentially being paid to push, sell, protect and serve the drug syndicates, not arrest and take them down.


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