Police arrest suspect after MacDonald’s shooting left German dead

Police Arrest Suspected Shooter in Cebu That Involved 3 Foreigners – www.philippineslifetyle.com

Police have arrested 35-year-old Allan Velos of San Isidro, Talisay City for the which involved three foreigners at a McDonald’s restaurant in Talisay City yesterday.

The shooting began over and argument between the Filipinos and foreigners when they insulted an Indian man who was part of the three. 

In the shooting a German was killed and a Frenchman and Indian were both wounded.

A witness has identified Velos as one of the two who allegedly shot the three men, the witness not only saw Velos he also knows him personally. He was apprehended at his home at San Isidoro just past 5pm – He has adamantly denied being involved in a shooting but a paraffin test is being administered to see if he recently fired a gun.