Police alarmed over trend of people faking their own kidnappings


Police Alarmed On Rising “Kidnap-Me” Cases – Several Include Foreigners – www.philippineslifestyle.com

The Philippines National Police say they are alarmed at the number of people reporting their own kidnappings this year.

The police’s Anti-Kidnapping Group said people calling out their own kidnapping had taken a sharp rise this year.


From January to September, the PNP-AKG group said they had handled ten fake kidnappings on top of 15 real kidnappings.

So far a total of eight fake kidnappings have taken place in Luzon while two other were reported in Visayas. 

Police have sought help from the Department of Justice in creating a law, one which will penalise those who fake their own kidnapping.


Officials at the PNP said that several foreigners have been involved recently in “Kidnap-Me” cases including Chinese, Korean, Japanese and one British man.

Just last week the Anti-Kidnapping Group recovered Briton Raymond Warwick who was initially reported kidnapped by the British Embassy in Manila.

The AKG said Warwick’s family reported the kidnapping. He was eventually traced to Bulacan.

Once Warwick was confronted he admitted to faking his own kidnapping to pressure his family in London to send him money.

Police say Warwick is now under their custody pending charges and possible deportation for his the deception.

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