PNP investigates ‘sex-for-pass’ scheme at checkpoints


Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen Archie Francisco Gamboa ordered to probe the alleged “sex-for-pass” scheme involving police officers at quarantine control points (QCPs).

PNP spokesperson Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac said Gamboa wants to conduct a thorough investigation of the sexual harassment allegations, saying the accusations are unfair to the cops who are risking their lives to do their job. 


“So far, we have not received complaints on this. But our Chief PNP nevertheless ordered an investigation and to file charges which are responsible if the allegations are true,” Banac said.

Banac also said the Women and Children Protection Office of the PNP would lead the conduct of the investigation.

The PNP spokesperson said the law enforcement agency would chase for the truth about the allegations since it affects the morale of the whole police organization. 


“In fairness to our policemen who remain good and dedicated to their sworn duty, those who are responsible, if the allegations are true, should be identified and punished,” Banac said.

PNP urged ‘sex-for-pass’ scheme victims to report 

Banac urged the victims to come forward and file complaints to help the PNP with the investigation because if not, more women would be victimized by the alleged “sex-for-pass” scheme. 

“If there were indeed incidents, we believe that it is just one or two cases. We want to know who did this in order to send a message that it is the policy of the PNP to protect women,” Banac said.

“And part of this policy is to punish our men who would dare to defy this policy.”

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PNP Chief Gamboa echoed the same sentiment as Banac. “The PNP takes these allegations seriously because we respect women and honor their role in [the] society. We will not tolerate any form of physical or sexual abuse against women,” he said in an earlier statement.

“I strongly urge those unnamed sources to immediately report to the PNP and file charges against suspected wrongdoers,” Gamboa added.

The PNP earlier reported that the rape incidents in the country lowered by 53%, which is eight people each day from 18 victims before the quarantines were imposed.