PNP guns unsealed for Christmas season

The PNP (Philippine National Police) will not seal the firearms of the police this Christmas season while guaranteeing that it will punish any of their personnel who will be guilty of indiscriminate firing in particular during New Year’s celebrations.

At a press briefing at Camp Crame, Lt. Gen. Camilo Pancratius Cascolan, PNP Deputy Chief for Operations said they would implement a one-strike policy for all commanders and commanders who will fail to take action on their personnel involved in indiscriminate firing within 24 hours.

“Our ultimate target is to reduce the 33 incidents of indiscriminate firing and 12 cases of stray bullet injuries last year to zero this Christmas season,” Cascolan said.

PNP guns unsealed for Christmas season

According to Cascolan, it was decided not to seal the tip of a police gun for 2019 after several years.

In recent times, for two years now, not a single has been involved in indiscriminate firing in welcoming the new year.

Cascolan said that a directive is given to police commanders to strengthen the partnership with communities to determine which individuals hold loose firearms in their areas.

The official said suspects used unlicensed firearms in many incidents of indiscriminate firing.

In the Philippines, incidents involving the stray bullet (Filipino: Ligaw na Bala) rose during the New Year celebration. The Philippine National Police has reportedly recorded 52 stray bullet incidents during the monitoring between December 16, 2015, and January 5, 2016, of which 42 victims were injured.