PNP buys 3 more helicopters, 52 drones, thousands of assault rifles

PNP (Philippine National Police) adds three more helicopters, thousands of rifles and machine guns, and 52 drones on its latest procurement binge.

Lt. Gen. Archie Gamboa, PNP officer-in-charge, said the two R44 training helicopters, one unit of Bell 429 twin-engine helicopter, an Airbus H125 single-engine chopper would boost the PNP’s air fleet support.

Bell 429 twin-engine helicopter
Bell 429 twin-engine helicopter


“We now have five (helicopters), and five more are coming, two are towards the end of this year and three more in the middle of next year,” said.

Gamboa said Airbus would manufacture the five choppers.

PNP officer-in-charge said the two R44 training helicopters would be used to train police pilots in anticipation of more procurement of air assets in the future.

Airbus H125 single-engine chopper
Airbus H125 single-engine chopper

Lion Air Inc., represented by Michael Maligat, head of Public Sector Projects Delivery Team, and three others delivered the two training choppers.

In an interview, Maligat said the two brand new R44 training helicopters cost P76 million. The procurement process started at the time of then PNP chief and now Senator Ronald dela Rosa.

“These R44 are okay for training on surveillance and reconnaissance before the pilots shift to attack helicopters,” Maligat said.

“As individuals of corporate entities, we should all do what we can to support initiatives for the betterment of law enforcement for the benefit of all,” he added.

PNP buys 3 more helicopters, 51 drones, thousands of rifles

Aside from the choppers, the PNP also bought 52 drones; 21,992 units of Galil 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifles; 1,667 units of K2C 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifles; 205 units of K

Example of Galil 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifle
Example of Galil 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifle

3 5.56mm Light Machine Guns; eight units of NEGEV 5.56mm Light Machine Guns; 141 units of NEGEV 7.62mm Light Machine Guns; 18,354 units of 9mm pistols and 7,962 units of helmets.


The rifles, machine guns, and helmets, will be used by elite units of the PNP, such as the Special Action Force (SAF).

Gamboa also said PNP was able to avail of a significant discount, especially on the Galil rifles bought for P68,000 compared to more than P160,000 per piece bought by another law enforcement unit.

“Kinakantiyawan ko nga ang PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) because at 600 units, they got it at P168,000 per piece,” said Gamboa.

“What does this say? This says there is transparency. A lot of bidders joined so there is competitiveness,” he added.