PNP: 87,000 individuals violated quarantine


The Philippine National Police (PNP) reported there are a total of 87,000 individuals who violated quarantine protocols, 21,996 of which were arrested.

According to the data provided by Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, head of the Joint Task Force Corona Virus Shield, 48,635 violators are from Luzon, where the enhanced community quarantine was imposed. Meanwhile, 16,612 came from the Visayas, and 22,209 were from Mindanao.


PNP data described the individuals as “curfew or disobedience violators” of the ongoing quarantine.

4,206 of the 21,996 arrested individuals were already subjected to an inquest, and 17,790 are due for regular filing of complaints.

The figures from March 17 to April 5 also showed another 61,314 were warned while 4,184 were fined, according to the PNP data.


Meanwhile, a total of 647 individuals were arrested concerning hoarding or profiteering of essential items violations during the COVID-19 crisis.

In the transportation sector, a total of 7,719 drivers of public utility vehicles were apprehended. The ban in all public transport was part of the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease.

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COVID-infected police officer dies

A member of the Philippine National Police (PNP) died of COVID-19, chief Police General Archie Francisco Gamboa said Friday.

“As a matter of fact, last night we lost one. Namatayan kami ng isang positive. He was not able to survive it,” Gamboa told Dobol B sa News TV. He did not provide further details with regard to the cop’s death.

According to the latest data from PNP, there are already 13 confirmed COVID-19 cases among its personnel. A total of 182 PNP personnel were considered as persons under investigation while 1,545 others were listed as persons under monitoring.

Gamboa said most of the PUIs and PUMs are asymptomatic.

He also said a police colonel was brought to a hospital on Thursday night after experiencing difficulty in breathing.

“Last night also, a colonel was brought to a hospital dahil hirap na rin siyang huminga. But of course, this is a sad story on the part of the PNP but nevertheless, we have to do our duty also,” Gamboa said.

“We discouraged deployment of personnel who are at least 46, 47 up years old… Hindi na namin sila sinasabak… we encourage 45 below,” he added.