PMA hazing timeline part 1: details of cadet’s 24 hours of “hell”


The Philippine National Police Baguio released the 24 hours of “hell” PMA hazing timeline Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio experienced before he died on September 18 at Baguio City.

GMA News reporter Raffy Tima shared on his Facebook page the series of events that happened during the PMA hazing which took the life of the 20-year-old plebe.


The post reads, “Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio died a slow painful death, updated timeline of Baguio PNP reveals. His body banged up and was barely hanging on when he was tasered, his tormentor claiming ‘they shouted like girls when tasered and that makes them faggots,'”

Dormitorio’s suffering started on August 19 when 3CLs Imperial and Lumbag punched and kicked Dormitorio for allegedly spending P2,000 of his P4,000 allowance which was supposed to be used for their needs. The maltreatment lasted for more than 20 minutes. 4CL Dormitorios fell down many times.

From August 20 to 27, Dormitorio was admitted at PMASH with a diagnosis of multiple soft tissue hematoma, abdomen, and back: partial-thickness burn-healed, left shoulder. He stayed there for 8 days.


On August 28, Cadet Imperial hit Dormitorio on the face causing his nose to bleed profusely.

Dormitorio was brought to the hospital because of “toothache”

On September 6, Dormitorio was brought at PMASH for Respiratory Tract Infection; Soft Tissue Contusion, Chest Area. According to his roommates, Dormitorio was brought to PMASH because he had a toothache/swollen jaw.

The same night, Imperial, Lumbag, and Manalo maltreated Dormitorio by covering his face with a dress cap cover (thick plastic) with rubbing alcohol sprayed on it. Likewise, they tied his hands behind his nape and a Soft Broom (walis tambo) inserted on his arms and neck. While lying, they firmly held his upper body and legs to prevent him from moving. 4CL Dormitorio was shouting continuously in pain and was suffocating. Cadet Manalo then cautioned them to stop when Dormitorio was already getting loud but they did not mind him.

1CL Witness A then saw them while he was on the ledge through the window and made them stop what they were doing to Dormitorio.

The succeeding days, the “buddies” were ordered by Cadet Witness A as “off-limits” from Dormitorio and they can no longer supervise him.

PMA hazing timeline: details of cadet’s 24 hours of “hell”

September 17

  • 4:30 AM- Dormitorio joined the Corps Duty Exercise at Borromeo field for about 40 minutes. 4CL Dormitorio was able to perform all the army dozen exercises.
  • 5:20 AM- All cadets went to Yap Hall (Cadet Mess)
  • 6:52 AM- At the Mayo Hall Barracks, 1CL Cadet Sanopao called out Dormitorio 3 times saying, “Dormitorio, out!”
  • 6:53 AM- From room 209, Dormitorio immediately reported to 1CL Sanopao where he was ordered to look for his combat boots but he could not find the boots
  • 7:00 AM- 4CL Dormitorio called for the “Buddies” (Imperial and Lumbag) in their room.
  • 7:02 AM- 4CL Dormitorio with 3CLs Lumbag and Imperial entered the room of 1CL Sanopao.
  • 7:05 AM- After which, the three went out from the room of Sanopao and proceeded to the room of Lumbag and Imperial.
  • 7:30 AM- Sanopao again called out 4CL Dormitorio. 4CL Dormitorio came out of the room of Imperial and Lumbag shivering and in pain in the hallway. 
  • 7:31 AM- At the hallway, Sanopao said to him “Bat parang cool na cool ka?” He then ordered Dormitorio to perform squat thrusts but he was only able to perform 5 as he was not feeling well and was clearly in pain.
  • 7:33 AM- 1CL Witness B came and asked for Dormitorio in the hallway what happened to him. He replied he was not feeling well.
  • 7:35 AM- 1CL Witness B asked Dormitorio who his Squad Leader is. He replied, “Cadet Zacarias sir.” He was the commanded “Mag-inside bunks ka muna dun!” He proceeded to 2CL Zacarias’ room where he slept.

Dormitorio suffered more and increasingly painful maltreatment in the next hours. Read PMA cadet hazing timeline part 2: cadet’s final hours of “hell”.