PMA cadet hazing timeline part 2: cadet’s final hours of “hell”

Here is the continuation of the hazing timeline the PNP Baguio released which details the maltreatment 4CL Cadet Darwin Dormitorio suffered before he died on September 18.

Squad Leader kicked Dormitorio after her he fell on the floor

September 17, 2019

  • 8:30 AM- 2CL Witness C, Witness D, Witness E, and Zacarias arrived at their room. 2CL Zacarias was surprised to see 4CL Dormitorio inside his bunks.
  • 8:31 AM- Zacarias asked Dormitorio why was he sleeping on his bunks but Dormitorio did not answer. Witness D noticed that Dormitorio was using his blanket so 2CL Witness D pulled away his blanket. 2CL Zacarias asked Dormitorio again who made him sleep on his bunks but he was not answering. 4CL Witness F then answered for Dormitorio that it was 1CL Witness B. Zacarias pulled Dormitorio from the bed to stand up. However, he cannot stand and noticeably in pain as he was holding on to his stomach. 4CL Dormitorio fell on the floor. Zacarias then strongly kicked Dormitorio more than 5 times on the right of his body while he was on the floor. 
  • 8:40 AM- Zacarias went to 1CL Lucas (Echo Company Commander) and reported that Dormitorio was unable to stand up and that he needs to be brought to the hospital.
  • 9:05 AM- Ambulance arrived and brought 4CL Dormitorio to PMASH.
  • 9:15 AM- Dormitorio was confined at PMASH
  • 4:25 PM- Ambulance left PMASH to bring discharged cadets from the hospital to their respective barracks.
  • 4:40 PM- Dormitorio arrived in front of Mayo Hall Annex together with 4CL Witness H.
  • 5:00 PM- Dormitorio arrived at room 209 and relayed to roommates he came from PMASH. He was observed to be weak, pale, and “matamlay.” He also told Cadet Witness F why he was in pain, “Ikaw ba naman kabugin, suntukin, at sipain na naka-hang at di maihap.”

3CL Volante kicked Dormitorio in the head to move faster

  • 6:20 PM- 4CL Witness F and 4CL Witness J arrived at room 209 and saw Dormitorio sleeping.
  • 6:30 PM- 3CL Volante arrived and noticed Dormitorio sitting on the floor slowly pulling his pants down. He the slightly kicked him in the forehead once to make him move faster. He was wearing dress shoes. He was unaware that Dormitorio was in SIQ (sick in quarters)
  • 7:15 PM- The 3CL Duty Cadet arrived and inspected room 209. He saw Dormitorio sleeping so he cautioned him to not sleep at that time but rather do it during their duty at Lopez Hall.
  • 7:30 PM- At the room of 3CLs Lumbag and Imperial, they showed a of Dormitorio to 4CL Witness J. He (Dormitorio was being portrayed as “malingering” (significant exaggeration of physical or psychological symptoms).
  • 7:40 PM- Dormitorio vomited at the CR on the 1st floor. Upon query by 1CL Witness B, he revealed that he was “nakatay” (maltreated) by 3CLs Lumbag and Imperial.

Dormitorio and Cadet Witness F were “tasered”

  • 10:40 PM- A 4CL cadet and 3CL cadet Tadena entered room 209. 2CL Tadena “tasered” 4CL Witness F. The other 4CL cadet was ordered to perform exercises (“mase-mase”), while 4CL Witness J was standing at attention.
  • 10:45 PM- Dormitorio arrived at room 209. 3CL Tadena “tasered” Witness F again. Then 3CL Tadena “tasered” Dormitorio. He told them that they shouted like girls when “tasered” and that makes them “faggots.”
  • 11:00 PM- Dormitorio complained of stomach pain. He said he could not lie down and there seems no comfortable position for him.

hazing timeline the final hours

September 18, 2019

  • 12:30 AM- Dormitorio vomited. Cadet Witness F called Zacarias to room 209. He gave Dormitorio medicine, toasted bread, and water.
  • 1:05 AM- Zacarias gave Skyflakes and water to Dormitorio. Dormitorio vomited two more times.
  • 3:00 AM- Dormitorio was seen in kneeling position with his head resting on the floor.
  • 3:20 AM- Dormitorio was seen sitting on the floor. His back and head against study table
  • 3:40 AM- Duty Sentinel 3CL Cadet arrived at room 209 and turned on the lights. Cadets Witness F and J stood up but Dormitorio remained sitting on the floor motionless. 3CL Duty Sentinel commanded Witness J to wake Dormitorio but he was unresponsive, he had no pulse, and was not breathing. 
  • 3:45 AM- Arrival of other cadets to see the condition of Dormitorio.
  • 3:50 AM- Ambulance arrived and brought Dormitorio to PMASH.
  • 4:00 AM- Dormitorio arrived at PMASH where they tried to revive him
  • 5:15 AM- 4CL Dormitorio was officially declared dead. 

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