Plant discovered in Antique Province to be named after Pope Francis

photo plant
Newly-Discovered Plant Found in Mt. Madia-as Antique Province To Be Named After Francis –

A Doctor from the University of Santo Tomas has found a flowering plant in the mountains of Mt. Madia-as in the province of Antique, Philippines.

The plant will be named Hedyotis papafranciscoi Alejandro, after Francis.

UST will be holding a papal exhibit that runs through March 28 in the lobby of the main building. The “Thomasian Scientists’ Expression of Love” exhibit will feature new plant species, organisms and bacteria discovered by UST’s faculty members and students.

The University of Santo Tomas – College of Science has found two other newly characterised organisms within the Philippines: Phyllostica Francisci, a novel fungal endophyte with potential bio-active metabolites that can be useful in drug discovery, and vBE-popefrancis, a new bacteriophage isolate that is a potential alternative to conventional therapy in bacterial infections.