Pinoy’s dead body pulled from Mississippi River, family wants closure

Pinoy's dead body pulled from Mississippi River family wants closure
Pinoy’s body pulled from Mississippi River, family wants closure (Image from ABS-CBN News)

Weeks after pinoy’s body pulled from Mississippi River, parents want answers on what really happened to their son.

It was more than two weeks ago when Ronald Ponce, a 28-year old Filipino was found in Mississippi River near Tom Lee Park. However, his parents Rose and Randy, who are based in San Francisco Bay Area say they still wait for more information about their son’s unexpected death.

Rose said they have gone back and forth to Mississippi and talking to the police. But until now, they were not given definite answers.

Memphis Police Department (MPD) Mississippi found Ronald’s lifeless body floating on the river on August 12 and took one more week to be identified. They also found Ronald’s car parked in the area where he was last seen.

MPD who is handling Ronald’s case said that they continue to conduct the investigation on how and why Ronald died in the river.

However, Ronald’s family said that MPD did not give them the report’s copy. They also did not show the autopsy findings. To make things worse, they were not even allowed to see Ronald’s body.

Rose and her family were afraid that if Ronald’s body will be cremated anytime now (as advised by the authorities), all evidence needed to prove it is not a suicide case will be gone.

Pinoy’s dead body pulled from Mississippi River a suicide?

According to the CCTV footage shown to the family, Ronald was seen walking along Mississipi River at around 5 a.m. on July 31.

But at around 3:00 a.m., Rose and Randy received a text message from Ronald saying he was sorry for what he will do next: ending his own life by jumping to the river. It was early in the morning when the couple read their son’s alleged suicide or farewell note.

Ronald’s ex-girlfriend, Rachel also received the same farewell message. Rose said they broke up because Ronald suspected that Rachel was cheating on him.