One for the ladies? The hot pink Mosque of Maguindanao province

pink mosque
The mosque of the Philippines – a sight for sore eyes!

In the Philippines, Ramadan in 2013 was marked with the opening of a new mosque in Maguindanao Province. 

It unlike any other mosque you might see, those with neutral-colored walls, decorated with gold paint here and there. This mosque stands out because it is the most striking shade of hot pink.

Datu Saudi Ampatuan Mayor Samsudin Dimaukom, who is reported to have financed the building of Masjid Dimaukom, said that he and his wife chose the colour because, first, it was Dimaukom’s favorite colour, and second, because they said that symbolizes peace and love.

“We really researched what the meaning of the colour is. It means ‘peaceful’, and ‘love’. It can be love for Allah, love for the people and love for the country,” he said.

The landmark building was, surprisingly, built with the assistance of Christian volunteers from Davao City. It is expected to draw tourists and pilgrims to the to the town to marvel at the striking edifice.

There are other mosques in the world – in Malaysia and India – but no others are quite so… pink as Maguindanao’s Masjid Dimaudom.

How to get to the pink mosque

From Cotabato City: Take the Husky Bus or a jeep and tell the driver to drop you off at the municipal hall of Datu Saudi Ampatuan. Travel time is about one hour. Proceed to the municipal hall and ask assistance from the staff.

From General Santos City: Take the Husky Bus and tell the conductor to drop you off at the municipal hall of Datu Saudi Ampatuan. Travel time is about three hours.

What does Wikipedia have to say?

The Masjid Dimaukom or Pink Mosque is a mosque in Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao, the Philippines. The mosque’s construction was financed by Datu Saudi Ampatuan Mayor, Samsodin Dimaukon. The land where the mosque was built was a property of the mayor’s family. The mosque was painted pink to symbolize peace and love and was built by workmen to symbolize unity and inter-faith brotherhood

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