Filipina arrested for murdering her Norwegian husband in Bergen

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Pinay Arrested For Murdering Norwegian Husband in Bergen –

61-year-old Helge Ove Irgens of Bergen, Norway was found dead in his home last June, 2014. Police initially concluded the Irgens had died of natural causes

However, after an autopsy performed under pressure from his two daughters, evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning was discovered.

A police analysis of his Pinay wife’s computer later revealed that someone had used it to research different murder methods.
As of this date, the police have been unable to ascertain the source of the carbon monoxide. “There are signs that there has been fire in the bedroom, but we can not say anything more,” said police.
Irgen’s daughters told a local news source that it had been them, not police, who had first spotted the signs of fire damage. 
Regina, Irgens one daughter, told the newspaper she had to call police three times before they did anything about it. 

Irgen’s 30-year-old wife was arrested after she stepped off a plane at Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport. She had been in the Philippines for two months over the holiday season.