Pimentel: PDP-Laban Cusi wing already desperate

Senator Aquilino “Koko” III said Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi’s faction in the PDP-Laban is desperate, so President Rodrigo Duterte is encouraged to run for in Election 2022.

According to Pimentel, leader of another faction of the PDP-Laban along with presidential aspirant and Senator Manny Pacquiao, it only shows that Cusi’s group is only riding on Duterte’s popularity.

“Shows desperation on the part of Cusi and his group. They give impression that they do not have strong candidates within their group and that they are all simply riding on and are totally dependent on the popularity and strength of personality of the incumbent president,” said in a text message to reporters on Thursday.

“That for us is ‘personality politics’ which we want to see ended here in [Philippines] as soon as possible,” he added.

The stressed that politics in the country should be “issues-based.”

“We should all aspire for issues-based politics. The good future of our country is better assured by a program of government approved by the people through their votes than by blind loyalty to a mortal person with the expectation of a return favor,” explained Pimentel.

Pimentel: PDP-Laban Cusi wing already desperate

Cusi’s camp has not yet responded to Pimentel’s residence.

On Wednesday, Cusi said there was a proposal to the party for Duterte to run for in the upcoming election and become the campaign manager of the Sens. Bato Dela Rosa and Bong Go, the PDP-Laban presidential candidate and vice president.

“Now, if the President would not run for vice president because he is firm on his decision not to go back on his word, I said why not run for the Senate so he could bring change there? That will be good for the country,” said Cusi on Wednesday.

According to Cusi, if Duterte becomes a senator, he will advance the PDP-Laban’s reforms in the legislature.

The party first persuaded Duterte to run for vice president, but the president refused.

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