Philippines already winning battle vs. COVID-19: OCTA

OCTA Research believes that the country is already winning the battle against COVID-19 because the number of cases is declining.

This is allegedly due to the vaccination rollout, so they call for even if the quarantine classification is loose in an area, it must still adhere to the minimum protocols.

However, Dr. Guido David, a fellow of OCTA Research, said the public should not be too confident.

“We have to remind the public to follow minimum standards whenever we go out. But as far as what we are seeing right now, we are still in line with what we projected,” he said.

The effect of lowering the alert level will be known in the next few days.

OCTA research fellow Dr. Michael Tee assured that they would reveal and share with Negosyo what they see based on reality. As more and more people are being vaccinated, more and more are being protected from COVID-19.

“The higher vaccination rate in the NCR, which is the center of our country’s economy, will really protect our population,” he said.

Philippines already winning battle vs. COVID-19: OCTA

Those who were previously vaccinated, such as hospital workers, did not seem to have a decrease in their protection from the disease. Even if they want to get a booster, it still seems vague because many more need to be vaccinated.

Tee added that even though they are constantly circling the sick, they are not afraid because they already know the right way to fight COVID-19, such as wearing a facemask, ventilating the area, and frequent hand washing.

The effect of the release of people last weekend due to the relaxation of quarantine will be seen next week because there is still an incubation period before it is known if a person is infected with covid.

Concepcion clarified that the “no jab, no pay” policy is not true.

He said the employees continued their work even though they had not been vaccinated. He also noted that restricting establishments where only fully vaccinated people can eat inside the restaurant is also a way to protect those who have not been vaccinated.

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