Highest ever: Philippines records 841 HIV cases in just one month

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Philippines Posts Record 841 HIV Cases in Month: Highest Ever Recorded – www.philippineslifesyle.com

The Philippines has recorded one of the highest numbers of HIV cases ever, with 841 documented cases in June.

The Department of Health reported the worrying numbers by saying, “this is the highest number of cases ever reported since 1984.”

The second highest number ever recorded was in January of 2016 when 804 new cases were discovered.

The DOH noted that 104 of the 841 HIV cases have developed into full-blown AIDS – with 63 of the victims who have already died of the disease, 2016 may be a record breaking year for the Philippines.

The Department of Health said that 777 cases recorded in June involved sexual transmission from men to men. The breakdown given by the DOH said that 403 cases involve homosexual contact, 287 by bisexual contact, and 87 by heterosexual contact.

60 cases involved drug injection use – the remaining four were mother-to-child transmission.