Philippines lawmaker introduces bill to ban Donald Trump

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Philippines lawmaker introduces bill to ban Donald Trump.

Congressman filed a bill in the House of Representatives on Monday (August 8) to ban Donald Trump from entering the Philippines – officially making him “persona non grata.”

Salceda’s bill joins a long list of other countries, including the UK and Mexico, who have already debated banning the Republican presidential candidate from their countries. 


Salceda said the bill was in response to Trump’s comments at a campaign rally in Portland, Maine, last week when the candidate used the Philippines as an example of a “terrorist nation”.

Trump used the quote as a term on immigration where people could come to the United States to attack civilians.

If Trump is declared “persona non grata” he will be added to a growing list of people throughout the world that the Philippines tends to ban every year.


Salceda said he is not happy about what Trump said about the Philippines – those words called the Philippines “the great Trojan horse of all time.”

Trump went on to say “An immigrant from Afghanistan who later applied for and received US citizenship [and] an illegal permanent resident from the Philippines were convicted [of] plotting to join Al Qaeda and the Taliban in order to kill as many Americans as possible.”

Salceda said Trump has “no feasible basis or reasonable justification to the wholesale labelling of Filipinos as coming from a “terrorist state” or that they will be a ‘Trojan horse.’”

The congressman said that Trump’s distinction as the official Republican candidate makes his remarks even more offensive – “thus aggravating the shame” of Filipino immigrants.

“This comes from a long line of pronouncements where he has demonstrated an unrepentantly negative, dysfunctionally nativist, aggressively adversarial attitude towards immigrants in the USA,” he added.

Today nearly four million Americans of Filipino descent live in the United States – Hawaii having the largest population of all, with California coming in a strong second.

The largest Asian population in the United States is Chinese, with the Filipino community in second place.

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