Philippines Embassy in US offers app to help Filipinos keep in touch

Philippines Embassy in US Offering New App to Link Pinoys to PH Embassy –


The Philippine Embassy in Washington DC is now just a click away from around the globe thanks to a new Mobile Cell Phone App called Radyo Tambuli.

The app allows anyone to listen to news, play OPM, learn Filipino languages and phrases, donate to victims of calamities and even listen to their favourite hometown radio stations in the province or city.

The Philippine Embassy’s Consul Elmer Cato says the upgraded Radyo Tambuli 2.0 can now send important messages and notifications directly to app users.

“So if there’s an emergency situation in a certain country like in the Middle East, we could issue the alerts so that the Filipino would be informed what to do, like it’s time to evacuate,” he said.

using this app, can also send messages to the Philippine Embassy – like those stuck in immigration situations, had encounters with the law, or even those in a certain country.

“Since it’s tied up to our smartphones, so once an alert comes in, we’ll be alerted automatically and we could see and send the distress message to concerned posts,” Cato said, “We have a 24/7 action center back in the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.

Radyo Tambuli is available on the Apple app store or Play store for free.